[mythtv-users] Edit mpeg2 locks up

Aran Cox spin667 at mchsi.com
Thu Aug 3 15:43:37 UTC 2006

On Sat, Jul 29, 2006 at 01:12:08PM -0500, Joel McGregor wrote:
> I'm a Linux and Myth newb so I don't know much.  I've got an XP2600, 512MB
> DDR400, GF4 video w/xvmc, 3 PVR150s, JFS LVM for storage, ASUS A7V600 MB
> using Knoppmyth R57C which uses Myth .19
> I play a recording and hit M, edit, Z to load commflags and then it will
> randomly freeze while I'm moving cutpoints or skipping around.  I can't get
> it to do anything without killing the Myth-frontend process.  When I go back
> in it sometimes tells me it is being edited already.  It seems to be more
> likely to freeze in the last few minutes of an hour video or in the last
> hour of a two hour video.  It also seems to do better if I am careful to
> pause between keystrokes.    ?????

You know, this may have nothing at all to do with your problem but if
you are really using xvmc with your setup I would use standard
(ffmpeg) or libmpeg2 instead.  You don't have any HD sources and an
XP2600 is way more than fast enough to play back SD recordings (like
those from DVD's, PVR cards, etc.)  XvMC still has some drawbacks and
if you don't have to deal with it, I wouldn't.

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