[mythtv-users] CD ripping problem

Will Constable willconstable at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 14:18:26 UTC 2006

Thanks- sounds like that will probably solve my problem.  Except, im not
sure where to find the 'cd player', its not in optical discs or music tools
for me.  Is it just an option somewhere in mythmusic?  Haven't really spent
much time looking but I didn't find it easily when I looked last night.


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On 8/3/06, Will Constable <willconstable at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am new to the whole CD ripping side of myth, but I figured I'd give 
> it a try last night and to my dismay it would just not cooperate.  I 
> have a DVD-RW drive and a CD-RW drive, but the 'import cd' feature 
> only searches the cd-rw drive for a CD.  When I put a CD in, it finds 
> the CDDB info, and when I say 'import cd', it just spins up and spins 
> down quickly, then ejects the disc.  Dmesg says something like "cdrom: 
> unknown format" or something to that effect, however it happens with 
> many CDS and they all play fine elsewhere.
> Will

Hi Will,

I have a similar problem. Although I just have one drive installed.

My workaround is:
- play the CD (who should be able to play it through myth)
- rip the CD (now it works! at leat for me...)

Pedro Pessoa
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