[mythtv-users] BBC THREE on Freeview

Stephen Robertson stephengrobertson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 10:12:05 UTC 2006

> Hello Folks,
> Does anyone have a workaround for a problem I see with recording from
> channels like BBC THREE that do not run all the time. I sometimes have a
> program that starts at 7pm when BBC THREE comes on air. However Myth gets
> tripped up because it is set by me to start a couple of minutes early on
> all
> recordings so when it tries to start recording at 1858 there is no channel
> there and I end up with a zero byte recording.
> Thanks
> Stephen
> Hi Stephen,
> I can't help, but I do remember this being discussed in some detail a
> while
> back, either on this list, or on dev, so you might just have to persevere
> with the searches of the list on the gossamer archives, which I know
> you've
> undoubtedly already been running ;-)
> Steve Daniels

I've had a good hunt around on the archive and found some old discussions on
it but I couldn't find any clues as to how to work around the problem.
Which probably means the answer is there but I don't recognise it!


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