[mythtv-users] Wiki Week - an appeal

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 08:14:04 UTC 2006

Hi folks.

I was looking around the wiki yesterday (as I sometimes do) and I got
the impression it's not being added to very much.

I propose that starting on Monday 7th August, we have a 'wiki week',
where anyone with a bit of free time is encouraged to take a look at
the wiki and add to or expand the content.

There are lots of 'wanted pages' to fill for starters, and yesterday I
managed to find several pages containing templates for entries (but
sadly no content).

Even if as few as one Myth user in ten contributed useful information
I feel the documentation could be improved significantly.

Of course, some may argue that this might result in incorrect
information being entered.  This would be where more experienced users
could add their input by periodically checking recent edits.

I hope this isn't too much to ask.

Areas to expand include:
There is currently no explanation of 'Why Mythtv won't fit my TV
screen' (explanation of overscan and how to work around/with it)

XMLTV and new channels.  A new channel is launched!  "How do I find
out its xmltv id?"

Plugin operation.  Lots of information on compiling/installing, but
not much detail about the usage of some plugins.  Explanations with
screenshots (as used in the 'daily use' section) would be great to
have (themes vary but folks will get the jist).

(many many more)

These are _not_ criticisms of the wiki content per se!  What we have
there now is a massive improvement on what there used to be and as far
as I can tell, all of it is very good information, but I know I'm not
alone in feeling it could be better.

So come on folks - put some time aside next week (7 - 14 August 2006)
and get editing!  Please - even if you can only afford to spend ten
minutes of your time.

Finally - I _know_ one 'Wiki Week' will not be enough to fill _all_
the gaps, but if it kick-starts more awareness of the wiki and the
need for better, more detailed documentation - it's a good thing IMHO.

Where's the MythTV wiki?  http://wiki.mythtv.org (believe me I've
talked to some people who don't know).

Thanks for your time, and thanks (in advance) for your input.


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