[mythtv-users] Slimserver, SoftSqueeze & MythTV

Simon Gemmell simon.gemmell at cea.com.au
Wed Aug 2 23:09:08 UTC 2006

> I use slimserver with a squeezebox and recommend
> this software/hardware very highly.
> ----------------------------
> I considered trying to launch softsqueeze from
> mythtv, but gave up because I do not use
> a keyboard to control myth.
> Has anyone on the list been able to control softsqueeze using
> a remote control through lirc?
> I spent a few minutes trying and was not
> successful.

Yes, I also use slimserver and squeezebox on my mythbox. I am at work at
the moment, so I can't give you any details but I've got SoftSqueeze and
Myth playing along nicely.
It goes a little something like this:

Take a copy of your mainmenu.xml and put it in ~/.mythtv. Edit it, and
add a Music section which does an EXEC java -jar SoftSqueeze.jar
This will enable you to launch SoftSqueeze from the main menu.

You can use lirc with irxevent to pass remote control button presses
through to SoftSqueeze as keypresses. Look it up or email me and I can
send you the my files.


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