[mythtv-users] Storage on SAN

Daniel Agar daniel at agar.ca
Wed Aug 2 16:37:59 UTC 2006

> jmyers at huskywatch.com wrote:
>> I have a server with about 3TB of storage, and was thinking about
>> having my Myth box store it's recordings on this other Linux box to
>> utilise this extra space. I am concerned however about the potential
>> for the latency over ethernet causing problems with the recording. Has
>> anyone tried this or have any thoughts on this?
> I have a diskless frontend/slave backend that stores recordings on a a
> master backend via NFS (as well as it's root partition). Initially I had
> poor performance writing to the NFS disk which made capture from the
> diskless machine's DVB card problematic.
> Initially I was getting a write speed over NFS of somewhere in the order
> of 200 kilobytes/s. This was clearly inadequate. Once I tracked down the
> problems in my NFS configuration however the situation improved greatly.
> From memory now I'm getting approximately 8 megabytes/s writes over 100
> megabit LAN, and around 36 megabytes/s over gigabit. So even the
> bandwidth of a 100 megabit  LAN is comfortably enough to have multiple
> simultaneous streams being dumped to or read from a file server.
> I have never noticed any problems that could be attributed to the
> latency of storing recordings on a networked server.
> Over all I have found myth to be very well suited to this architecture.
> Mmmmm 3 terabytes. I'm very envious ;-)
> Regards,
> Damien.

How did you setup a diskless backend and frontend? My server runs sarge
but I'd like to be able to netboot my fedora mythtv box (frontend and
backend) and store recordings over nfs directly to the server.

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