[mythtv-users] Weird Sound Problem

Marc Gracia Galobart mgracia at oasyssoft.com
Wed Aug 2 09:24:15 UTC 2006

Hi everybody,

I' setting up a mythtv box on a AMD64 on a 32 bits ubuntu 6.06 and a  
ADS Tech Instant TV Analogic card (a phillips saa7134 kind of card).
Everything installed well, and seems to work as expected (Including  
the remote with a kernel module patch). Except sound for the LiveTV.

And is that kind of silly problem that frustrates you a lot. Because  
have a solution but its an irritating one :)

After seeing that a lot of people have problems for sound because  
poor configuration an such, I really taked care of the configuration  
and everything seemed OK for me, but no matter what I try, the TV has  
no sound....

Just to try, and after seeing a lot of sound devices on the gnome  
mixer, i decided to start the frontend as a window and trick the  
mixer to see if I had some results. And YES, there were success.  
After muting unmutting an playing with the mixers, the sound at last  
It was a muted capture button on the video on the record tab of the  
internal saa7134 mixer (Gnome saw it as another card, with line1  
line2 and video mixer lines both for record an play).
While I was greeting myself for the success, y changed the TV channel  
and OPPS!! no sound again. :(
But, this time I just mutted/unmutted that video out line on the saa  
mixer, and POP!! sound again.
The fact is that I can listen the tv if I mute/unmute this line each  
time I start the TV or change the channel..... and that's frustrating  
a lot.

I'm using saa7134_alsa kernel module but with the OSS  way of life on  
the userland (/dev/mixer and /dev/dsp).

Another interesting thing is that this module creates /dev/mixer1  
and /dev/dsp1, which I tried to use on the backend and the frontend  
confs with no change (No matter what I put in that fields, the system  
alwas worked the same).

Seems that mythtv is muting or something the channels in some wrong  
way or something like that.

Someone knows what is happening?

Sorry if that's a easy question, I've tried to search the list with  
no luck (BTW: a search option on the list archives would be great for  
that cases :) )

Many many thanks in advance, I really hope to have a solution because  
mythtv fullfills and surpases all my wishes as a media center...

Marc Gràcia
mgracia at oasyssoft.com
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