[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun

Mike stuff at dustsmoke.com
Wed Aug 2 07:37:54 UTC 2006

Jafa wrote:
>> I just noticed that QAM has been removed from the specs.  I was
>> thinking about building a Myth box for my sister using one of these,
>> but she would require QAM.
> The tuners and demodulators support QAM64/256 - I am looking into adding 
> support via a firmware upgrade. Out of the box it supports 8VSB/ATSC.
> Nick

I'm pretty much sold. If it gets QAM support you can pretty much expect 
2 to 3 orders from me. Sadly,  all me and my family who have myth 
systems live far away from our towers or behind mountains and can't get 
anything reliably over 8VSB.


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