[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun

jafa hdtv at silicondust.com
Wed Aug 2 02:38:54 UTC 2006

> Well, some of us were thinking as an external, dual-tuner MPEG-2  
> encoder for things like cable, or for those of us who have systems  
> that are incapable of playing back HD content. In that case, ATSC is  
> useless for us, and we'd rather have NTSC.
One trick to get HDTV playback on a slower machine is to transcode to a 
mid-range resolution or to the native resolution of your tv/projector.

For recording from a cable or sat box it would be better to use the HD 
outputs rather than NTSC. With hardware encoding to MPEG4 I could see it 
being useful.


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