[mythtv-users] Remote Wonder on FC5 w/ LIRC

Skip Patterson hunchbehr at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 17:49:32 UTC 2006

>I've been trying to get this remote working for the past three nights. I've

>read the message boards, guides, etc and nothing seems to be working. I'm
>guessing it's something simple and dumb...

>If I run irw, I get all the codes showing up. But it doesn't interact with
>myth. I've attached some of my files and below are some of the things I've
>seen online.

>find / -name ati_remote.ko -print
>(My kernel: 2.6.17-1.2157_FC5)

>dmesg | grep ati
>Allocating PCI resources starting at 30000000 (gap: 20000000:dfff0000)
>Calibrating delay using timer specific routine.. 3994.03 BogoMIPS
>Uncovering SIS961 that hid as a SIS503 (compatible=1)
>Non-volatile memory driver v1.2
>SIS5513: not 100% native mode: will probe irqs later
>usb usb1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
>usb usb2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
>.usb 1-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
>lirc_atiusb: USB remote driver for LIRC v0.5
>lirc_atiusb: Paul Miller <pmiller9[at]users.sourceforge.net>
>lirc_atiusb[2]: X10 Wireless Technology Inc USB Receiver on usb1:2
>usbcore: registered new driver lirc_atiusb

>dmesg | grep lirc
>lirc_dev: no version for "struct_module" found: kernel tainted.
>lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, at major 61
>lirc_atiusb: USB remote driver for LIRC v0.5
>lirc_atiusb: Paul Miller <pmiller9[at]users.sourceforge.net>
>lirc_dev: lirc_register_plugin: sample_rate: 0
>lirc_atiusb[2]: X10 Wireless Technology Inc USB Receiver on usb1:2
>usbcore: registered new driver lirc_atiusb

>I don't have anything in /etc/modprobe.conf for the remote, when I added
>following, lircd didn't start up.
>alias char-major-61 lirc_atiusb
>alias lirc_dev lirc_atiusb

>/sbin/lsmod | grep lirc >
>lirc_atiusb 15648 1
>lirc_dev 12708 1 lirc_atiusb

>0000001448730000 00 MOUSE_DOWN atiusb
>000000144b760000 00 MOUSE_RIGHT_BTN atiusb
>000000144b760000 01 MOUSE_RIGHT_BTN atiusb
>00000014e9140000 00 8 atiusb
>00000014e9140000 01 8 atiusb
>00000014d7020000 00 POWER atiusb
>00000014f21d0000 00 LEFT atiusb
>00000014f21d0000 01 LEFT atiusb
>00000014f7220000 00 DOWN atiusb
>00000014f31e0000 00 OK atiusb
>00000014e9140000 00 8 atiusb
>00000014e5100000 00 4 atiusb
>00000014e10c0000 00 CH_DOWN atiusb

>Is there info I'm missing? Thanks for any suggestions you have.

Hey Eric,

I've got a very similar setup to you, ATI remote wonder I with Fedora Core
4.  I've got mine working so I might be able to help.  I'll list a few
- I don't have anything in modprobe
- my lircd.conf is slightly different than yours but surfing the web I found
many versions out there and I think ATI released a few different remotes all
under the same remote wonder I name.  My gap is 227933 and yours was 227951,
don't know if that will make a difference.

What is the permission on dev/lirc*? (do a ls -l /dev/lirc*)
what are your permissions on /etc/lircd.conf (ls -l /etc/lircd.conf)

Lastly when I finally got it all working I was having a very similar issue
where IRW saw the commands but myth did not.  I rebooted and all was well, I
don't really know why that was.  Let me know and i'm sure we can get it.

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