[mythtv-users] A few MythTV issues

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Tue Aug 1 12:40:31 UTC 2006

> 1.  If I connect the output jack of my satellite set-top box to the
> input of my tuner card, I'd expect to be able to tune to channel 3 on
> my machine and watch TV from the satellite.  This doesn't work - every

 So you are connecting from the STB to the card over coax? If so I would 
expect it to be able to see the output on channel 3 or 4. 

> 2.  I'd like to be able to play my PlayStation2 through my tuner card
> (one of the reasons I bought the tuner card was to eliminate the space
> if so, how can I turn that off?

 You can't. There is a delay from the buffering on the card, from the encoding
process and another delay in myth's buffering of the cards output.

 You can access the raw video stream without an encoding but I've never 
seen an app that properly supports it on these cards.

 Most people who want to play games like this general pick up a cheap 
bttv tuner which doesn't have any compression and add a menu item to call
and external app like xawtv to use the card without any compression and such 
going on.

> 3.  The mythfilldatabase command fails spectacularly for me.  It
> downloads the files without any issue, but then the terminal is
> flooded with messages like this:

 Are you running MySQL 5? If so then you will either need to update Myth 
to 0.19-fixes or Down grade mysql to 4.x.

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