[mythtv-users] SVN and Live-TV

Charles Philip Chan cpchan at sympatico.ca
Tue Aug 1 11:18:24 UTC 2006


I upgraded to the latest SVN and I can no longer watch Live-TV. My 
tuner is set to channel 13 for Bell Express-VU and I can switch to 
that channel using ivtv-tune and watch TV through Mplayer with no 
problems. However watching Live-TV in Mythtv doesn't work. I noticed 
this error when start mythbackend:

2006-08-01 07:00:20.061 Channel(/dev/video0): SetInputAndFormat() 
2006-08-01 07:00:20.077 Channel(/dev/video0): SetInputAndFormat() 
2006-08-01 07:00:20.089 TVRec(1) Error: Setting start channel '13' 
                         and backup '4' failed as well.

I double checked the Channel Freq in mythtv-setup to that listed with 
"ivtv-tune -l" and it is correct. When attempting to watch Live-TV, I 
get this in the log:

2006-08-01 04:48:49.009 DB Error (insert_program -- insert):
Query was:
INSERT INTO recorded    (chanid,    starttime,   endtime,         
title,                subtitle,  description, hostname,        
category,             recgroup,  autoexpire,  recordid,        
seriesid,             programid, stars,       previouslyshown, 
originalairdate,      findid,    transcoder,  playgroup,       
recpriority,          basename,  progstart,   progend,         
profile,              duplicate) VALUES  (NULL,   
'2006-08-01T04:48:48',     '2006-08-01T05:48:48',           '',        
        '', '',       'MagnumOpus',
    '',            'Default', 1,    0,       '',            '',0,      
0,         '1900-01-01',         0,   27, 'Default',      0,         
'_20060801044848.mpg', '2006-08-01T04:48:48',  '2006-08-01T05:48:48',  
       'Default',             0)
Driver error was [2/1048]:
QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
Database error was:
Column 'chanid' cannot be null

The strange thing is that I can schedule recordings and record from 
that channel with no problems.

Have anyone else experienced this problem?



"...Deep Hack Mode--that mysterious and frightening state of
consciousness where Mortal Users fear to tread."
(By Matt Welsh)
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