[mythtv-users] Release 0.19-fixes Jul29 -- Defunct Process - System crash

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Tue Aug 1 04:00:38 UTC 2006

I downloaded the fixes svn tree from July 29 to address
the XvMC Prebuffering pause on 720p content.  The Prebuffering
pauses mostly gone away, and I can certainly watch 720p (ABC)
now without too much problem.

However, I now have a new problem.  It maybe should be opened
as a trouble ticket, but I'll let people decide.

On at least 3-4 occasions in 2 days when the FE performs large FF skips
(as in a commercial break), or just now playing to the end of the
recording, the FE process seems to crash hard, but dies 
in such a way that the mythfrontend is left as a defunct
process that cannot be killed with any "kill" and the kernel
goes into a 100% iowait state.  The FE console rolls some
occasional error messages about waiting too long to read
the file.  The screen is black, no keyboard input accepted.
Its happened playing both HD and SD content using XvMC.

The system is so hosed up it usually won't gracefully reboot
and must be forced reboot.

There's no chance for a core or any other diag I've seen so

I'm running linux and Nvidia drivers 8762 on a 5600.
I've tried playing with kernel options like changing the jiffy clock
from 1000 to 250HZ, and disable some of the preemption options,
so far no change.  There was no hint of this problem on standard

Anyone else seen anything like this?


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