[mythtv-users] Problems with LiveTV

Jeff jeff at propixs.com
Tue Aug 1 03:58:08 UTC 2006

Steven Adeff wrote:
> On 7/28/06, Jeff <jeff at propixs.com> wrote:
>> This is my first post so please be kind....
>>  I've been running mythtv for about two years now and about a month ago
>> upgraded (rebuilt) my system and am now running the latest .19-fixes 
>> from
>> gentoo which I do believe is the latest .19-fixes (10505) and have had
>> problems ever since upgrading with liveTV locking up and HDTV dropping
>> frames for 720P video until after I pause/unpause it then plays back
>> smoothly most of the time (this problem was evident in .18.1 also)
>>  As far as liveTV every time it locks up the the frontend log fills 
>> up with
>> " Ignoring livetv eof in decoder loop" until I exit liveTV and of course
>> this happens at the show transition.
>>  Also an interesting note I've seen is fairly frequently I get these
>> messages in the frontend logs (using OpenGL for Video Timing):
>>  2006-07-27 20:14:00.522 NVP: Video is 3.85111 frames ahead of audio,
>> dropping frame.
>>  2006-07-27 20:14:00.524 NVP: Video is 4.43182 frames ahead of audio,
>> dropping frame.
>>  And the last Observation I had with the .19-fixes is when I view the
>> position of the playback it is normally somewhere between 3 seconds 
>> behind
>> to practically zero seconds behind which strikes me as very odd.  I 
>> don't
>> know if it makes any difference but I am using a set top box controlled
>> through an IR blaster and when changing channels mythtv records the 
>> actual
>> channel change (I can see the button presses displayed on the OSD for 
>> the
>> STB) so maybe thats why it isn't very far behind live.
>>  My real question is I haven't seen much traffic on the list recently 
>> with
>> regards to livetv lockups and wanted to know if I am the only one 
>> that is
>> having these problems.  If so anyone got some pointers.  I really 
>> don't want
>> to have to try to get back to  .18.1 but my wife is going to kill me 
>> if the
>> TV keeps locking up.
>>  Thanks
>>  Jeff
> is your recordings drive remotely mounted? what deinterlace filter are
> you using? are you using XvMC? If you have an Nvidia card, which
> driver version?
Locally mounted non-raid.  It was Raid 5 for a while but switched it to 
a non-raid non-lvm setup in an attempt to fix the problem, and I will 
say that it got a little better.

Deinterlace filter is Kernel.   No XvMC.  And a Nvidia 5200 with driver 
7174.  When watching liveTV my CPU show about 90% idle.

Also, didn't include it above (oops) the lockups occur with both my 
pvr350 and HD-3000 but normally the HD-3000 shows an error screen saying 
"an error was encountered  while displaying video" and in-case it 
matters the ivtv drivers at 0.6.3.  But almost all livetv viewing is on 
the 350.


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