[mythtv-users] Audio quality problems from snd_intel8x0 /dev/dsp (analog capture card)

Luke Rosenthal mythtv at harderstuff.net
Tue Aug 1 01:54:02 UTC 2006


Has anyone run into problems when recording audio through the line-input
of an onboard soundcard?  Initially I thought the problem was with mythtv,
but the following command:

ffmpeg -vn -ad /dev/dsp -ac 2 -ab 160 -ar 44100 -y test1.mp3

produces shockingly bad audio too.  Despite ffmpeg reporting that it's
sampling at 44.1kHz, it sounds like it's sampling at about 8kHz.  I've
confirmed the audio source (line-out of old analog capture card) is
producing good quality audio.  It's just when recorded thru the line-input
that the quality is really bad.  Have played around with levels in
alsamixer to no avail.

Are there known quality issues with snd_intel8x0 ??


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