[mythtv-users] What's on summary

Mark Emery emerym at citymax.org
Tue Apr 18 18:57:40 UTC 2006

Dewey Smolka wrote:
>> I'd love to be able to see a summary of what programs are on in a week
>> without going into each channel one by one.  Would this be possible via
>> a canned search?  Even if a show is on 5 times a week with 10 repeats
>> the same week I'd only want to see it once in the list.
> Ummmm.
> Manage Recordings -> Schedule Recordings -> Program Finder ?
> Is this not what you're looking for?
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Yes, that's the sort of thing, but I think I'd use it more in a web page that saved having to left and right arrow back and forth between the letter list, program names and program info.  The New Title Search in the MythTV GUI is great, I just find it too small a windows onto the volume of data I have to review (I have 18 channels set up, with others in the family asking for more).

The MythWeb "New Titles, Premieres" search is not working for me, although Movies is. I have mythweb-0.19-72.at installed.

Being able to also build up a database of things you're NOT interested in for such views would also be nice and cut down on the volume of data to review.  I could do this much earlier in the chain by filtering the XML program listing before running mythfilldatabase, but I'd rather not have loads of gaps in the program listings.


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