[mythtv-users] New motherboard, no PCI

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Tue Apr 18 12:21:28 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 8:13 am, Warren wrote:
> I am getting a prototype of a new motherboard, which, if it makes it
> into mass production could be an amazing FE board.  I would however like
> to see if it can make a good backend as well.  The problem is that it
> has no PCI slots.  Only 2 miniPCI (actually 3 but 1 is used) and 2 PCMCIA.
> What are my choices for SDTV and HDTV capture given this configuration?

If it has USB, then you could go with a plextor convertx. I'm not aware
of any minipci capture boards.

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse at wingnet.net

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