[mythtv-users] recordings not showing up

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Apr 18 05:12:55 UTC 2006

Matthew Scharch wrote:
> Running Fedora Core 4 and configured everything using the Wilsonet 
> guide, so I'm using the /video partition to store recordings on. I 
> made sure to specify /video as the place to store recordings in 
> mythtvsetup.
> When I watch tv it records stuff fine; I can rewind, pause, whatever. 
> When I go into the View Recordings menu item I see the short little 
> clips its saved from when I was watching TV and I can view them just 
> fine.
> I scheduled three recordings in the middle of the night. When I go to 
> look at recordings only the snippets from when I watched live tv were 
> there, I looked at the Previous menu item in Recordings and it shows 
> the three things I scheduled as having been recorded. When I look in 
> the /video directory I can see the files. I went into the mythfrontend 
> settings and changed the Videos director to /video to see if they 
> would show up there, I also told it to ignore unknown filetypes and 
> show everything. Now when I go to Videos it shows all the recordings 
> including the three I scheduled but they're not named properly 
> (2006<string of numbers, etc.>.mpg) and they play just fine from there.
> So in conclusion, why are these recorded shows not showing up with the 
> snippets from live tv and why are they named improperly (they also 
> don't have thumbnails like the live tv snippets).

And what makes you think they are named improperly?  That is the 
standard naming convention.  And btw, you probably shouldn't have your 
TV recordings directly as your MythVideo folder as they are designed to 
serve different purposes


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