[mythtv-users] New install glitch

Harry Lipkind hil at hiltech.com
Mon Apr 17 20:23:56 UTC 2006


Just did my first complete install of MythTV using Knoppmyth and while
much went well, a couple of things didn't and I have a problem.

I am1 using the 1newest release of Knoppmyth based on myth.19 r5b7 with
kernel1 2.6.15-chw-2, running on an Athlon64 with 2GB RAM.  The video
board is an nVidia 6200 with I believe 256 MB of RAM.

The system boots what i believe is normally and comes to a home page.
The first option is watch TV and when I select that I get a black screen
for abou1t 20 seconds and I then go back to the home screen.  The full
TV schedule has come in and in fact when I go to phone, local channel 4
shows up in the left hand window! This suggests the tuner (a pcHDTV
3000) is working If I put a DVD into the drive and select play DVD I get
full screen color and audio for a few seconds before I get a message
about an encrypted/protected DVD and I go back to the menu.

Could someone suggest what I might need to change to get video where it
should be (and with sound <g>).  I can get back into the setup area but
I have not started making changes as I don't want to accidentally make
the setup unsalvageable.  

Since this version of Myth has a .15 kernel and the pcHDTV web site said
I would need to update 3 files I pulled in an update tar file, opened it
and put the three files where the readme specified.  I overwrote the
three files that were there but it did not change anything.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Harry Lipkind

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