[mythtv-users] Single master backend/frontend and multiple (slave?)frontends

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun Apr 16 14:30:04 UTC 2006

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A box that will be used as a back and frontend (box1) and connected to my
TV. My main computer (box2).

Config1: Currently there are all sorts of video on box2. I would prefer to
keep them on there. Box2 also has a wireless router (Linksys WRT54G v5)
attached to it. I am thinking of getting a wireless card for box1 and
setting it up to be able to access Box1 through the router. Is this
possible? A problem that I envisage will hinder me here is that I still
switch quite frequwntly between linux and XP on box2. 

Config2: What I suspect is the easier configuration method is to have the
videos on box2. This box will (most likely) be a SUSE box. Then if I want to
access the videos from box2, I then will have to setup network access from
box2 whether I am in Linux or XP. 

Now even if one of these setups is possible, will it be a case of streaming
or actually having to download the videos to the box that is wanting to
stream? If streaming, will it be noticeable on the streaming box? 

Which also leads to this question: If I add another PC to one of my other
TVs (box3) onto the same wireless router network, when I want to watch a
recording on box3, will it stream without jerkiness? Would box3 require me
to run a slave backend? What would the minimum specs one should look for in
a box3 type setup. 

I ope I have articulated my vision well.



One thing you did not indicate is what sort of internet connection you plan
to attach to your mythbackend box. Myth requires regular access to the
internet for guide info.

I suggest that you set up your router on whatever box you use as your
internet access point. A IPcop firewall is an excellent choice as it easily
supports wireless access points. Set the router to act as acess point and
then give each of your boxes a wireless modem. The number of video streams
that can be played at one time will depend heavily on what wireless you use.
Some of the older ones would only support one stream. Newer ones are much

Set up your fastest computer as your combined front/backend. Set it up with
SMB shares of the various directories and configure myth to allow
connections from your subnet.

You can run either windows or linux on your remote frontends.  I use
Tapeworm and mplayer on windows and a standard mythfrontend on my xbox

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