[mythtv-users] Digital Audio pops?

Ashley Clark aclark at ghoti.org
Sun Apr 16 01:00:21 UTC 2006

Ok, I just got my frontend working tonight. There are a couple of  
questions I still have though.

* Is there a way to bind a key to a 10-second jump backwards?  
Something like Tivo's 8-sec replay button.
* I have digital passthrough on an optical SPDIF connection to my  
sound system and a few times, when returning to the menu or starting  
to play a program there would be a pop. Is there something I can do  
about this?
* I have a separate backend in the other room and I'm wondering which  
has better performance characteristics? Letting Myth do it's own  
streaming of the video files or setting up an NFS mount on the  
frontend? This is on a 100Mbit connection.

Ashley Clark

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