[mythtv-users] Current wisdom on PVR-150/250/350/500

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Sat Apr 15 22:30:26 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean writes:

> Mike (who uses his PVR-350 as a PVR-250--without the TV out and hardware 
> decoder)

How come?  It's real easy to get X up and running on the PVR-350's frame 
buffer, and see exactly what you're seeing now, except on a big screen TV, 
instead of a VGA monitor.  All you need is to install the ivtv-xdriver 
package, twiddle a few things in xorg.conf, and away you go.

You should get the whole deal, Myth menus, and the on-screen-display, going 
through TV-Out.

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