[mythtv-users] master backend configuration without a data source

Julian Cerruti jcerruti at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 04:17:57 UTC 2006

I hope you can forgive me by asking such a dumb question.

What is the recommended set-up procedure for a master backend when I
do NOT have a grabber for my region yet?

I'd like to make sure that the base system is working by manually
defining a channel or two for which I already know the frequency and
TV standard and test it before I set full steam into writing a
grabber. I'd like to make sure that the settings I'm entering (in
particular channel number mapped to a frequency table and also TV
standard) are accepted by mythTV.

In particular,
- What is the high-level recommended procedure?
- Should I do anything in Input Connections?
- Do I still need to run mythfilldatabase to get the manual channel
information reflected in the database? (Note that I do have some false
information currently set using DataDirect)

Thanks in advance,

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