[mythtv-users] custom record clauses

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 23:14:40 UTC 2006

On 4/14/06, Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote:
> Steven Adeff wrote:
> > Is there a compiled list of the custom record rules/clauses?
> There are different ways to read this. On the surface, the answer
> is 'no'. There is no limit to the possibilities. That's the point.
> Anything you can dream up to distinguish a set of showings is
> possible so it's an open ended, unlimited set.
> 'Yes', there is an evolving set of specific example clauses included
> on the Custom Record page. Highlight "Match an exact title" then
> press -> until you reach this same item to see all the examples or
> look in the file programs/mythfrontend/customrecord.cpp . This is
> the file to patch if anyone would like to add new examples or
> correct/clarify existing examples. Some of these are clearly
> Lego blocks to build your rule, some can be used as is, some are
> to show off the possibilities and to get people thinking about
> the kinds of things that could be done.
> One thing I've thought about is adding a 'customexamples' table or
> something and adding a "Store" button. If you like to use a certain
> trick or type of rule, you could create a template by clicking "Store"
> and have that included along with the examples from the source code.
> Next time you wanted to create a similar rule, select your example
> from the list, click "Add..", modify then click "Record". This would
> also be useful for creating a complex search that you don't want to
> save as a rule. If it's stored as an example, you could select the
> example again weeks later then press "Test" to see the current result.
> Also, a problematic work in progress could be stored while you go
> off to think about it or ask questions.
> 'Kinda'. There is a finite set of rules that people have posted to
> the mailing lists. I've posted several times on "First Episodes" and
> "Breaking News" (everything on CNN up to a cutoff time). Also, Tour
> de France, following multiple baseball teams (and recoding baseball
> in general), PGA Golf and playoff holes on Sunday, new vs reruns of
> The Simpsons, and probably a few others ...oh, "Battlestar Galactica".
> Others have posted rules too. Search for "Custom Record", This link:
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-12.html#ss12.5 and maybe even
> "AND program." but this would match a lot of unrelated stuff.
> I've had as many as 46 kPowerSearch rules but currently 38. Here are
> some I don't think I've posted before:
> Rule Name: Contestants
> program.previouslyshown = 0 AND program.description REGEXP
> '(American Idol|The Apprentice|Survivor: Panama)'
> This will catch interviews with voted off contestants on talk shows
> as well as hosts, judges, and entertainment show features, etc. I
> used to use a keyword search for each but now I can go to Custom
> Record to "Edit Rule" and update the list periodically.
> Rule Name: Talk Show Guests
> program.previouslyshown = 0 AND program.description REGEXP
> '(Lance Armstrong|Mariah Carey|Adam Morrison|Michelle Wie|Danica Patrick)'
> Same thing for people in the spotlight that may be making the
> rounds on talk shows.
> Rule Name: Short Films
> program.showtype = 'Short Film'
> AND HOUR(program.starttime) >= 5
> AND HOUR(program.starttime) < 7
> Grab random short subjects in the early morning. Premium channels
> often use these as filler to resync their schedule for the day.
> Rule Name: Late Show
> program.title = 'Late Show With David Letterman'
> AND program.previouslyshown = 0
> OR program.title = 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
> I set this to FindDaily so it will record the first non-conflicting
> showing each day. The priority is high enough that Letterman won't
> lose. To match, Letterman has to be a new episode but any Kimmel
> will match. Therefore, this records every new Letterman but if Dave
> is a rerun, Jimmy Kimmel will be recorded instead. This will work
> as is in Central Time but Kimmel starts after midnight for Eastern
> or Pacific.
> mysql> update record set findtime='23:00:00' where title like 'Late Show%';
> so that it will record one per day starting after 11PM.
> > I searched the Wiki and could not find anything(maybe I searched for
> > the wrong words?). If I knew where to look I could put together a wiki
> > page on it as well.
> The HOWTO had a tutorial with examples of common useful tricks and
> explanations of database fields that are likely to be useful. If
> this is lacking, please send diffs. However, if you are looking to
> put something fluffier in a wiki, make sure to link to the HOWTO
> section for the real deal info.



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