[mythtv-users] OT? Hardware Differences

Jaymz Ringler jringler at unitedtransport.net
Fri Apr 14 15:45:57 UTC 2006

You might want to check the date on your computer.  Your emails are
coming through April 13, 1989

On Thu, 1989-04-13 at 10:25 -0400, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> This is a little offthread but it does affect my use of myth. And this 
> list has shown that it is a source of deep knownledge about linux.
> I have 2 exactly similar 40G hard drives: model IC35L040AVVN07-0. Bought 
> the same day, same order.
> Playing with hdparm I can set the master /dev/hda to use udma=5 (using 
> the -X69 parameter.
> The slave /dev/hdb will only do udma=2.
> As a result, although the cached read speeds are similar at about 
> 730MB/s, the buffered read on hdb is 19.6MB.s versus 45 MB/s on hda
> The only difference I can see is that hdb reports:
> AdvancedPM=yes: unknown setting while hda reports AdvancedPM=yes: 
> disabled (255), and attempting to set APM on hdb gives the following 
> error:  HDIO_DRIVE_CMD failed: Input/output error
> It appears that neither APM nor acoustic management features actually 
> get changed/set when I use hdparm... Weird!
> I can get/set the other commands/switches on the drive so this is more 
> than a little weird.
> I want to move this drive to my mythbox and do the OS install onto it, 
> and use the entirety of the present 120G for recording...But the 
> throughput problem puts this plan in doubt. Any thoughts anyone.
> Geoff
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