[mythtv-users] Wierd tunercard initializing

Andy mythtv at gzo.dk
Fri Apr 14 08:27:13 UTC 2006

My card0 initializes fine, but my card 1 fails, even if (to my knowledge) they 
are configured the same.

The card1 does this:
   tuner 2-0061: Tuner mode:      radio
   tuner 2-0061: Frequency:       0.72 MHz
   tuner 2-0061: Standard:        0x000000ff
   tuner 2-0061: Signal strength: 32768
   tuner 2-0061: Stereo:          yes

while it should look like card0 which does:
   tuner 1-0061: Tuner mode:      analog TV
   tuner 1-0061: Frequency:       727.25 MHz
   tuner 1-0061: Standard:        0x000000ff

The above is the only difference between the cards in the dmesg-output. Any 
suggestions at all are welcome, since i have been searching in vain for quite 
some time now...

Tunercards: happ. pvr250
Mythtv 0.19
Debian Sid
Linux 2.6.16-1-686

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