[mythtv-users] OT? Hardware Differences

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Apr 13 18:18:14 UTC 2006

Brian Woods wrote:
>>>Are you using an 80-conductor UDMA-type cable ?? You can get strange
>>>results if you don't use one of these.
>>>Have you tried swapping the drives and seeing if the "problem" drive
>>>changes to the other one?
>>Both drives are on the same 80 conductor cable IIRC and the problem
>>drive has no OS, so 'swapping' them would be difficult to  
>>implement, or
>>are you suggesting that it may be the position on the cable which  
>>is the
> I suspect that you have a bad cable, moving the drives might help  
> confirm this. If you hard-strap the drives (ie: don't use cable  
> select) you may find that the problem follows the connector and not  
> the drive.

Well that is the most likely reason. I do not use cable select so the 
drrives are already pinned for master/slave. I will go rooting..... for 
a replacement cable in the junk box.


(And you Aussies out there can remember the Boy Scout's real motto: 
Clean mind, clean body, pick one.)

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