[mythtv-users] SQL for Myth

Edward M. Brown edwardb at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 17:32:22 UTC 2006

I have a SQL command to find all shows that match credits of people I have entered into the people search list. It works fine if you run it in MySQL.

select people.name, program.title, program.subtitle, program.starttime from ((keyword inner join people on people.name = keyword.phrase) inner join credits on credits.person = people.person) inner join program on program.chanid = credits.chanid and program.starttime = credits.starttime;

What I would like to be able to do is adapt this somehow to create a pick list of programs based on people in my list. 

I played around with trying to get this to work with Custom Record, but didn't have any success. Also the Custom Record capability automatically records programs, I'm trying to create a pick list.

Any suggestions, ideas would be appreciated

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