[mythtv-users] I feel so violated (by Apple)

Martin Bene martin.bene at icomedias.com
Thu Apr 13 13:49:47 UTC 2006

> I must first say that I have been a passionate Apple Evangelist since
> my conversion in 2000.  But, today I just found out that OSX
> (Quicktime, iDVD) has no way of handling MPEG-2 that comes of my
> hauppage PVR-500.  To do it you must purchase a $20 plugin from Apple.
>  That's freaking sad!

Use VLC, that handles mpeg2 just fine on a mac. Also, be careful if
you've got files recorded from DVB as TS (transport stream): the apple
plugin doesn't support these! (VLC handles these as well).

Also, VLC deals nicely with changing aspect ratio or audio streams in
the middle of a file and allows selection of different audio tracks. The
only issue I ran into when using VLC: with default settings I got choppy
video, even though CPU usage was minimal. Changing buffering for file
access from 300ms to 2000ms fixed this.

> I thought I would be brilliant about dealing with the fact that
> KnoppMyth cannot burn DVDs out of the box by using my Mac.

Recent versions of Knopmyth include mythburn and thus support DVD

Bye, Martin

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