[mythtv-users] NEW version of mythalsig (channel logo grabber utility for lyngsat)

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 12 07:26:20 UTC 2006

It slices, it dices, it even has a kitchen sink!

I wrote the original before Christmas, and it worked, but there were a number 
of problems with it, particularly for 'Mericuns. And some Canadians too it 
seems. I had a list of improvements people asked for, then real life 
intruded, and I've been pretty busy since.

Anyway, I've given this script a nice makeover. It's much more effective now. 
However, it is much changed, and there are areas I can't test effectively. If 
it smokes your mythbox, don't expect sympathy. However I'd appreciate any 
help, assistance, tips or suggestions. It seems to work very well for my 
limited UK line-up.

The --help option will give you the full list of options that are mostly 

There is a region file for a bunch of the UK DVB-T Freeview channels included.

A quick thank-you to the guys below for their suggestions and assistance 
before. I just hope you spot this new one. Is it me or is mythtv-users 
getting very busy these days?

SB=Me, GE=Greg Estabrooks M=Matt SA=Steve Adeff
* Added a load of update messages so you don't think it's died. As per [M] 

* Added a command line option to restrict to the channels of a particular 
source id. Defaults to all source id's. As per [GE] request.

* Now attempts fuzzy(-ish) matches against the name, callsign and xmltv id of 
a channel. If this results in duplicates they are discarded. Matches against 
all regions at once. Also now ignores ' ','_' and '.' These improvements make 
the fuzzy matching much better for me, and should improve it dramatically in 
US. Some of this came from discussions with [GE].

* Skip has now been moved to <Return> as per [GE] request.

* As you are moving through channels you now get a "[027/035]" progress note 
as per [GE] request.

* Whole country code, presets and cache is totally reworked. No longer crashes 
if a new country code is entered. [SB]

* Region files are created i.e. regions/uk.pklz containing presets and cache 
for each seperate region. There is a command line option to override the 
default (uk), and the script can access multiple regions at once as per [M] & 

* Web data (the URL's) and the downloaded icons are timestamped, and by 
default the server won't be queried until they expire. Default to 1 day for 
both. Can be forced to reread with a command line option. From discussion 
with [GE] & [SA]

* If you specify the callsigns mode, the script does not download the icons, 
and instead creates the entries in the callsignnetworkmap and networkiconmap 
tables. You should then just be able to run the "mythfilldatabase 
--update-icon-map" command to get myth to do the work. All the callsign mode 
stuff is EXPERIMENTAL. I can't test it fully, but I think it works. If not, 
give me some feedback. This came from thinking about what [GE] was talking 

* Command line option to nuke all old info in the give regions, i.e. start 
from scratch, and force all new info. [SB]

* Politeness setting to delay (default 1s) between requests so we're nicer to 
the server. [SB]

* [SB] Ability to restrict channels processed from country/state composite. At 
the moment if you want to just change entry 79/80, but it already has an 
entry, then autospeed won't get you to it quickly. Maybe another fuzzy match, 
with a configurable number of results?

* [SB] Option to merge an external pklz region file into own region file

* [GE] Wanted a way to skip duplicate channels, i.e. PPV.

Steve Boddy
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