[mythtv-users] Should a Via Epia V8000 (PLE, no CLE!) be able to do livetv?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Apr 11 19:22:43 UTC 2006

Francesco Peeters wrote:
> Before I put any more time in this, I was wondering:
> Will an Epia V8000 (800MHz C3, 256 MB RAM, PLE VGA (So no CLE H/W MPEG), 
> Hauppage PVR250) be able to playback recordings and livetv?
> I have 2 big issues right now:
> 1)No Audio (might be drivers, haven't put any time in that yet)
> 2)Stuttering video.
> As to #2:
> About every second a few frames are dropped. This happens irrespective 
> of the MPEG2 source: both livetv and playback of a recording do the same.
> Processor seems to be at a staggering 86% usage when playing either 
> livetv or recording, which seems to be a bit high to me, even for a 
> 'meagre' 800MHz processor
> The VGA driver being used is the Trident XFree driver included in KnoppMyth

1) Go to the alsa-driver site, download and compile the via82xx driver. 
Should work for your board.

2) Possibly you can use the xvmc enabled video driver, if your chipset 
is described as 'unichrome'. If so the easiest method would be to 
upgrade to a recent kernel 2.6.16 where the unichrome driver is included 
with the kernel. Note that the unichrome pro extensions are not covered 
by that module. For that you need the upgraded xorg from openchrome (an 
rpm is available from kelkoo.net.


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