[mythtv-users] Ticket #1569 (patch) - MythVideo Crunchy Goodness

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 11 18:00:06 UTC 2006

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> On 04/11/2006 02:28 AM, Steve Daniels wrote:
> > http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/1569
> >
> > Just a quick check before I download me some source and start
> compiling..
> >
> > Does this patch still work, or has it been committed to SVN yet?
> Had the patch been applied to SVN (head or -fixes), there would be a
> commit message in the Change History (or, failing that, a comment
> saying, "Oops, I mentioned the wrong ticket in the commit.  Patch
> applied in [xxxx].").  Therefore, it's not in SVN.
> Mike

Thanks for the reply Mike,

Further down the email you might of noticed..

> ***Doing a bit of searching reveals it isn't in .19 but is on the 
> cards for 20. Does this apply cleanly to .19-fixes? If not does 
> someone have a copy that does? Or will I have to fudge around with it 
> myself?

So I did do the extra leg work myself to find out that it wasn't in there,
but wasn't sure whether my net connection was going to hold out long enough
to do that myself.

Thanks anyway,

Steve :-)

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