[mythtv-users] Confused.

Derek Meek thekazan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 17:20:44 UTC 2006

clemens at dwf.com wrote:

>Im a bit confused about whats going on behind my back in MythTV.
>A week/10days ago, I got MythTV working for the first time.
>I could Watch TV, I could record, I could watch the previously recorded 
>Everything seemed just fine.
>Then I had to shutdown MythTV, I probably rebooted the machine.
>When I restarted the machine, restarted mythbackend, restarted mythfrontend,
>I would get to the screen with the 'Watch TV' line on it, but selecting it 
>would just
>cause it to blink.
>As far as I could tell MythTV was dead.
>OK, I went away to a meeting for a week, just for grins I left mythfrontend 
>I came back yesterday, and took a look at MythTV today.
>Programs that I had requested had recorded (this was not surprising).
>BUT, and this was/is a surprise, selecting 'Watch TV' now works again.
>I was assuming that I was going to have to rebuild the database, but Ive done 
>So, any thoughts on whats going on here?
>If its hapened once, Im sure it will happen again, and I would like to know 
>wrong/what to do, rather than just waiting a week for things to get better ...
>((This is all built from the SVN repository of 10days-2weeks ago))

How many Tuners do you have?

If it was just 1 your tuner was probably busy when you tried to watch
live tv (it was recording a show in the background)

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