[mythtv-users] How To make a mpg into something the family DVD player can read

Niels Dybdahl Niels at Dybdahl.dk
Mon Apr 10 11:19:44 UTC 2006

On 4/10/06, A JM <vbtalent at gmail.com> wrote:
> Miles,
> Any processes you can give on creating a compliant DVD with nuvexport? I'd
> like to be able to create some backups of my DVB-s recordings but have ben
> running into troubles. Any pointers, hints or tips you could give me would
> be great!
> Are you using Mythburn after running nuvexport? or how does that process
> work?

Note that nuvexport might generate audio/video sync problems when
transcoding to MPEG2 as you will do when you generate DVD compliant
output. This will happen if the recording contains too much noise.

Mythburn in contrast uses ProjectX which does handle the "time stamps"
correctly so there will not be audio/video sync problems. With
Mythburn you do not need nuvexport. You might take a look at the
screen shots on

Niels Dybdahl

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