[mythtv-users] New to HD, which nvidia card

Brad brad at bradandkim.net
Mon Apr 10 02:02:06 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 16:10 -0600, Brian Wood wrote:

> Just personal opinions, but:
> For Myth something like a 5200 would be fine. When you say you want  
> "gaming" that opens up a whole 'nother can of worms, what games? at  
> what resolution? what framerate?
> For the $140 you mentioned you could get a 6600 or even a 6800 series  
> card if you shop around, more than enough for anything except what I  
> would consider "nutcase" gamers. Dropping down you could get a 6200  
> for $60 or less, and most of them are fanless.
> IMHO the 5200 et al are the best for Myth, moving to the 6xxx cards  
> you lose the Chroma-key in exchange for shaders and pay more money  
> for no better performance on video.
> But if you want better gaming performance than a 5200 can give you by  
> all means go to a 6xxx card.
> I hear they even make 7800s with AGP interfaces now, and the low-end  
> ones are not *that* much more than your price point, in 6 months they  
> will probably be available for $140 :-)
> If you do go with a 6800 or even a 6600 watch your power supply  
> rating and be careful of heat.

Yeah, I am definitely not talking about nutcase gaming.  Like I said,
all I play right now is Qake 3 Arena, but would like to know that if I
stumble on a new game I want to play I won't be stuck with a card that
can't keep up.  I looked at the 7800 AGP and was tempted, but thought
for the price is it really worth it, especially given potential heat,
power and noise problems.  Thanks for the advice.

Brad Crotchett, RHCE
brad at bradandkim.net

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