[mythtv-users] scheduling not using all three tuners?

Marco Nelissen marcone at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 10 00:12:38 UTC 2006

>its not quite what I'd call strange behaviour, but its not quite what
>I'd expect.
>I've got 3 hd tuners. I'm using the Upcoming Recordings screen to see
>what tuners will be used to record what shows.
>I've got Myth setup to begin recording ~30 seconds before scheduled
>start to account for the delay in tuning, which is usually ~5 seconds
>plus the off chance that the channel starts the show early. But part
>of this option is that it Myth will only to this when it can, so if
>two shows are back to back it won't. Understandable. Except that If
>I've got one show recording from 7:30-8:00 and then two from 8:00-9:00
>I would expect tuner 1 to record starting at 7:29.30 and tuners 2 and
>3 to start at 7:59.30.
>This would get all three shows recording with the 30 second buffer.
>But instead what I get is tuner 1 and 2 recording the 8:00 show,
>meaning the show on tuner 1 will start at 8:00 after its previous show
>is recorded, and tuner 3 is nowhere to be seen in the scheduler.
>Is the Upcoming Recordings screen accurate in what tuners will be
>used? If so, why isn't it using the third tuner to be able to keep the
>30sec pre- time I set?

Perhaps related: last week after first adding start and end-padding to
my scheduled recordings, one show that should have recorded wasn't
(I found out later). Sounds like the scheduler needs some work.

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