[mythtv-users] Problem scheduling new episodes only

Michael Rice mikerice1969 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 9 04:55:39 UTC 2006

>This is probably an easy question but I am stumped.
>I am now looking at my upcoming recordings screen.  At 8:00pm MythTV has
>decided to record Stargate SG1 "The Fourth Horseman".  My intention is to
>record only new episodes but this is not a new episode since it is repeat
>season for this particular show.
>So what am I doing wrong?

My problem seems to be with the mythfilldatabase process.  I am getting
messages like this:

Did not find any new program data

That causes a 'failure' and mythfilldatabase exists prematurely and never
does the part that marks the repeats.
This is the code snippet in filldata.cpp:

         query.exec("SELECT count(*) from dd_v_program;");
1131     if (query.isActive() && query.size() > 0)
1132     {
1133         query.next();
1134         if (query.value(0).toInt() < 1)
1135         {
1136             VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL, "Did not find any new program data.");
1137             return false;
1138         }
1139    }

Returning false here ends up here:

3849         if (!fillData(sourcelist))
3850         {
3851              VERBOSE(VB_IMPORTANT, "Failed to fetch some program
3852              gContext->LogEntry("mythfilldatabase", LP_WARNING,
3853                                 "Failed to fetch some program info",
3854              return FILLDB_EXIT_DB_ERROR;
3855         }

which causes the return before the mark_repeats occurs.

Anyone know why that query would fail?  I have no idea offhand but will
continue to look into the issue.

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