[mythtv-users] Aspect rations?

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Fri Apr 7 22:12:51 UTC 2006

I have a Jarod/FC2 system built on a Asus Pundit-R.

I have a boggle with aspect rations on my Sony Wega (KV-32FX65E, (32"
16:9)), that I van not figure out.

The TV has a toggle for "4:3", "14:9", "Wide",  "Zoom" and "Smart".

When I watch TV (not via Myth) and when I watch stuff I _recorded_ on Myth,
the setting I want it "Smart".

But when I want to watch a MPEG, DivX, or any other such format, I need to
set it to "wide".

What on earth could cause two types of media use two different aspect
rations on the mythbox. What setting may be wrong in my mplayer (I assume
the problem is there) setup?
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