[mythtv-users] please sanity check my new hardware

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Thu Apr 6 14:15:40 UTC 2006

So my old hardware (which is really over capacity as it is) can't record or 
play back hidef. Which means its time for new hardware, yay!

I'm looking at a combined fe/be on dedicated hardware, aimed at OTA hidef, 
deinterlacing of svideo (eg tvtime, for watching from the directivo) and 
general HTPC tasks (weather, videos, music, photos..). Can someone give a 
quick glance at this and let me know what they think? (Its somewhat 
overkill, but I'm not sure where - or if - it makes sense to cut back the 

-  Shuttle ST20G5 
  I was originally looking at some of their newer boxes, but they either had 
no pci slot (for the capture card), no ghz ht bus, or some other serious 
issue. The main concern I have with this one is the lack of gig-e, which may 
become an issue down the road when I move the backend (or at least the 
datastore) elsewhere.
 If the 800mhz HT bus and agp 8x is sufficient, the SN95G5 looks like the 
better option. So feedback here would be appreciated. (It does look like 
nvidia is the way to go for myth these days, and the ST20G5 is all ATI.) 
And the SN95G5 has no built-in video, so suggestions on a passable AGP card 
to stuff in it would also be welcome.

- 2 WD4000YR 400g 7200rpm sata-150 drives. (Both boxes have SATA-150, so no 
need for anything faster.) Going to use either onboard raid-0 or LVM, 
haven't decided. (Price difference for the 'standard' non-raid-funkified 
drives was something like $3, so I went with the funkified version.)

- 1G (2x512) DDR-400 Corsair (already on order since there is a mail-in that 
expires today) People expressed satisfaction with a gig, and it seems to be 
working on the existing box, so..

- Athlon64 3700+ San Diego (2.2G, 1ghz ht bus, 1M l2 cache). I figure this 
box might as well be over-powered, since I'm unlikely to do much in the way 
of upgrades to it before EOL. (Ram and storage is all I ever seem to touch 
after a box is built. And for this one, probably it won't even get that.) 
And who knows, maybe I can do on-the-fly transcoding or something (ok, not 

The capture card is a pcHDTV HD-3000, using the antenna that directv 
installed for me (did a free hd upgrade deal a while back) and I've got an 
old dvd reader to put in.

The tv is a samsung 56" dlp, fed off vga (1920x720) although I -think- the 
dtv hidef receiver has a vga port (so I could feed this in via dvi) and I'll 
have a free component input where the standalone dvd player is right now.

Any suggestions are welcome. (For the record, the newegg price on all that - 
without the tv, dvd or capture card - is about $900, with the drives and cpu 
taking most of it. And there is $40 worth of mailins, plus whatever free 
stuff they offer.)

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