[mythtv-users] UK channel icons configuration made easy

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Thu Apr 6 07:44:54 UTC 2006

   Well not *really* easy!

   I've gathered a large no. of channel icons from //www.lyngsat.com/;  you 
can find the tarball here:


   It unpacks to an 'icons/' subdirectory [tar jxf mythtv-icons.tbz].  I put 
mine parallel to my recordings dir. (/usr/mythtv/icons).  Then, here's a lump 
of SQL to map them into your channel d/b based upon xmltvid:


   You will need to edit this to search/replace the directory you've unpacked 
the icons.  Remove any for which you have preferred icons already set up. 
Then [adjusted to whatever your mythtv password is]:

     mysql -u mythtv --password=mythtv mythconverg < uk.sql

   You might want to test this command with a copy of uk.sql that only has one 
line in it (pref. a line with a channel you use).

   Please don't blame me if you stuff your SQL database!  If you're uncertain 
about what's going on here, and/or uncertain about backing up/restoring your 
SQL d/b, play it safe and don't do this.

   This covers as many of the channels listed by Radio Times as I could set 
up;  there are several channels missing [I'll make up a list of them at some 
point], but I did manually set up a load that I watch but don't seem to be 
listed at lyngsat under 'UK'.  I've not included the radio channels, although 
I do have the raw data [the icons are there, I think] and may do if demand 
warrants.  I set up the 6-7 Freeview radio channels by hand in the d/b.

   Any corrections/omissions appreciated!  I matched a no. of them 
[icon/channel to xmltv] automatically, then finished off by hand, so there may 
well be mistakes.  I also put some 'normal' channel icons on the '+1' channels 
where I couldn't find a dedicated '+1' logo.

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