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Sun Apr 2 00:30:59 UTC 2006

will be unstable. It takes a little while to get the kinks worked out,
get the right versions of everything, get the output set up, etc. I
say that "tinkering-instability" is expected.

Once you pass that point and are no longer tinkering, It's very
stable. Every time you upgrade, you take a chance on losing that
stability, but it comes with the territory when you use
rapidly-changing software.

The fact that the frontend display is a separate process from the
backend makes it even more stable. The frontend could go out to lunch
entirely and still not stop your recording and scheduling (within

The other instability is in the guide data. With the DVD recorders,
they are probably set to record a particular channel at a particular
time for a particular duration. Myth generally abandons the old
VCR-method of recording for a more program-oriented method, where you
schedule a show instead of a show time. If the showtime changes, myth
will know to record the new time. If the showtime is incorrect, myth
will record at the wrong time. Myth is sort of a slave to its guide
data in this respect.

I believe there is still a mechanism in place to allow you to manualyl
set recording times and channels, but you lose the automatic guide
information and naming that you get from recording programs the normal

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