[mythtv-users] using WinTV PVR-350 to play AM/FM radio? (slightly OT)

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Apr 5 17:01:11 UTC 2006

> it sounds like the tuner can't tune a station noise.
> I also notice that when using "-j 100.1"  it says its tuning to freq
> 00.0, so I'm thinking it may be a bug in the driver/software and that
> even though it *thinks* its tuning to the station you ask for, it is
> in reality not.

hmm, that's just not right!

Does it do that for other stations, too, or just 100.1? I noticed that for
some stations, it would round to a weird number (101.7 goes to 101.69 for
example), but never just tuning to 00.0.

Have you tried tuning with gnomeradio? I just tried that on mine last night
and it worked like a charm, it could even scan through the stations and stop
on valid ones. (I had to use aplay in the background to play the audio from
it, however, since gnomeradio assumes that the audio comes into the sound
card as an input).

As dumb as it sounds, have you tried rebooting? I managed to hang the ivtv
drivers a few times yesterday playing with ivtv-radio. If you try to use
ivtv-radio while mythbackend has control of the device, for example, it
prevents either one from working properly until you reboot (I did a hard
reboot just to make sure). Lesson learned - stop a recording before trying
to use ivtv-radio :-)

 - Jeff
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