[mythtv-users] 4:3 Zoom settings in source

Preston Crow pc-mythtv06a at crowcastle.net
Wed Apr 5 14:58:50 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 23:47 +1000, Paul Andreassen wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Apr 2006 12:31 pm, Asher wrote:
> > I'm kinda tired of having to press W 3 times to get to 4:3 Zoom mode.
> > Anyone know where in the source I can disable everything but Aspect
> > Override Off, and 4:3 Zoom?
> Here.


That got me looking at the code in subversion (probably the same as

The hack there is even easier.  In videooutbase.h, the enum type
letterboxModes lists the modes.  Just move the ones you don't want to
use after kLetterbox_END (and patch up the commas), and it will skip
over them.

Of course, eventually disabling zoom modes should be a config option; I
think we're just waiting for someone to care enough to write the code.
(Not me, I'm afraid.)

I'm also adding a 14:9 zoom for those shows on BBC America where the
original is 16:9, and they compromise with 14:9 instead of 12:9 (4:3).
If it works, I'll send the patch to the devs list.

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