[mythtv-users] Building another system, hardware questions

Warren warren-lists at icruise.com
Wed Apr 5 13:20:42 UTC 2006

Chad wrote:
> Better late than never, and I'll be adding my experience to a few
> wiki's around the net, but the skinny:
> It wasn't cut and dry.  Getting X to work was not the easiest thing to
> do ( I wanted to go Xorg-7 so that made things a little easier
> actually).  I was able to get the openchrome via driver working and
> loaded eventually, and then I could startx.  Then I tackled DRM and
> getting XvMC to work (which required some editing of files, in
> particular the drm/linux-core/via_pciids.txt file) and then some
> recompiling of my applications (including mythtv) to get it working. 
> I also had to use some tweaks to help XvMCWrapper work with my system,
> but all in all, doing a diskless frontend on not-too-well-documented
> hardware, this went fairly nice!

Did you post your problems and resulting edits to the OpenChrome group? 
If not, then please consider doing so as it would likely help them out.


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