[mythtv-users] moving mythbox onto different network? computersays nooooo...

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 5 08:56:27 UTC 2006

>That subnet mask looks a bit iffy to me, I'd go with the nice reliable, all
>encompassing ... thinking that 9 could have been a typo now..

typo :oP anyway, i've tried most of the above and it all 
looks ok, i don't see how it's much different from when i was using it at 
uni, just the ip address of a single network card is different. and it's 
still not working. i'm about to give up and go back to windows. yet again, 
mediaportal took about 5 minutes to install/tune. and it even kept all my 
settings from the last time i uninstalled it. non of this silly binding a 
program to a hostname/ip stuff. i thought that kinda thing was only a 
windows trait.


The Crimea / The Crocketts

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