[mythtv-users] Frontend running on a PDA

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Apr 5 03:31:41 UTC 2006

On Apr 4, 2006, at 8:11 PM, Ross Campbell wrote:

> On 4/4/06, Joel Ostheller <j.ostheller at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Okay... The Technology is getting really close to running  
>> Mythfrontend (if it isnt already here). Has anyone attempted to  
>> get mythfrontend running on a PDA?
> The simplest way to view recorded programs on a phone/pda *TODAY*
> would probably be using MythStreamTV and a web browser/video player
> and scaling it down.
> If your pda runs Linux/GPE, someone's already got mplayer and vlc  
> working...
> http://handhelds.org/~gpe/gallery/view_photo.php? 
> set_albumName=portedapps&id=land_21776
> http://handhelds.org/~gpe/gallery/view_photo.php? 
> set_albumName=portedapps&id=port_13649
> I would surmise that the fastest path to get a full mythfrontend
> running on a PDA would be a full Linux distribution (like the Intimate
> project that was linked to), but perhaps qtopia or opie (both qt-based
> PDA environments) would provide most of what is needed for a lighter
> weight PDA-based frontend.
> Now, the wireless bandwidth and battery power required to actually
> watch a TV show is probably a whole other discussion.

I have a Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 that can run opie or an entire Debian  
install, also has Opera browser installed.

I never  thought about trying it as described but it can play videos  
from a CF or SD card, even does a decent job of decoding Divx. The  
only wireless network card I have is only 802.11b, though I do have a  
100/10 hardwire card. The battery can last through a 2-hour movie but  
I've never tried that with the network card installed, I'm sure it  
would cut into battery life.

The unit has a beautiful 640x480 display, rare in a PDA.

Even if I could get it working it wouldn't be practical, just really  
a proof of concept.

It really is too bad they never sold that unit in the USA, but it  
sure did free up a lot of memory when I dumped the Japanese  
handwriting recognition :-)

I also have a GP2-X which can play videos using mplayer. It has no  
network connectivity, but it does have an SD slot and the makers say  
they might have SDIO capability in the future. The display is not as  
good as the Z though.

I know, I have way too much hardware hanging around, but one has to  
have something to play with :-)

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