[mythtv-users] The Green-Button (MS MCE) USB Remote

Nathan Vidican mythtv at envieweb.net
Tue Apr 4 19:58:54 UTC 2006

Has anyone tried using Windows Media center 2005 USB - IR remote / transmitter
with mythtv?

I like the remote itself, and it's handy the way the IR transmitters just plug
right back out of it... but are there any drivers out there to make use of the
remote and/or transmitters from myth tv? Or is lirc what I need for that?

Also, wondering if anyone has a good suggestion for an IR emitter/transmitter
setup? I'm trying to control 3 external satellite receivers tied to a PVR-500
and a yet-to-be-purchased third input card, as well as a decent DTV (SD/HDTV
air signals). Ideally I'd like to place the server (mythbackend) and
corresponding satellite receivers and other equipment in a closet out of
sight/hearing distance like - so the backend box has to have the
transmitters/emitters while the front end machines (still experimenting with
options there, but I need like 5 of them) each will have their own independant
remote controls. Ideally, I'd like to have the same remote at each of the
frontend-boxes, with all of them connecting externally (via usb, serial, etc -
to avoid need for pci cards and be able to operate cheap/fanless/quiet
frontend boxen).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, in regards to remotes, emitters,
or otherwise.

Nathan Vidican
nathan at vidican.com
(subscribed as mythtv at envieweb.net)

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