[mythtv-users] moving mythbox onto different network? computer says nooooo...

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 4 11:03:46 UTC 2006

could anything else go wrong? i just typed out this whole email, loocked 
away, pressed a button, locked back and the message box was blank :'o(  


yast > net devicess > net card > edit

static address setup.
ip address:

>host name and nameserver

hostname: trefpc2csf3
domain name: MSHOME (same as xp)

name server 1: lalala1
2: lalala2

but work the same with "update name servers... dhcp..." checked.


default gateway:

/etc/hosts:     localhost

::1      localhost  ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback

then a load of stuff starting "ff..." about ipv6    trefpc2csf3.MSHOME  trefpc2csf3


ip address for trefpc2csf3: localhost
master server ip address:

and with that, i get about a third of the websites i visit saying 
"connection to server was reset...", the other third refuse to load, and the 
other third work fine. ftp works. instant messangers dont. proxy is set to 
"direct connection to net". ping works fine.

http://localhost/mythweb says:
Error at ....mythbackend.php line 109: fsocksopen() unable to connect to

mythfrontend is using the correct skin (myth center) but recordings etc say 
"could not connect to master backend... is it running..". hang on. it's 
not... right, now mythweb is saying:

fatal error at mythbackend.php line 166:
unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION... 26.

details are along the lines of "trigger_error", the previous myth proto 
error and a couple of lines stating the ip and the port 6543. 
frontend acts the same... ish... without the error, it's just giving me a 
"select group filter" for recordings. default: 10 items. live: 1. obviously 
it can see my recordings and the database.but wont let me see them whatever 
i choose. nuvexport works fine though.

and i've not even bothered trying to retune channels again.

on a lighter note, anyone recommend a decent, cheapish (~45, $90) adsl 


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