[mythtv-users] Hot Key to Program Guide

Robert Tsai rtsai1111 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 3 23:03:07 UTC 2006

> On Apr 3, 2006, at 6:37 PM, Tom Greer wrote:
> >Her biggest complaint surrounds accessing the program guide.  On
> >the DCT-6212, she simply pushed the "guide" button on the remote. I
> >mapped the "Guide" button to the "M" key.   According to the
> >mythtv.org how-to document, this should invoke the Electronic
> >Program Guide (EPG).
> >
> >Instead of seeing the EPG, a menu is displayed.  The first item on
> >the list is "Program Guide". So an extra push on the "Select"
> >button is required.  No problem for me; but this seems to be a show
> >stopper for my wife.
> >
> >Is there any way to directly invoke the Program Guide without
> >accessing the intermediary menu?
> >
> >Please, please help.  I've invested a lot of work and I have big
> >aspirations to expand this throughout the house; but wife-support
> >is a critical component.

I think by default "S" lauches the EPG.

Doesn't the Comcast remote already have a separate "Menu" key (for

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