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Mon Apr 3 16:42:22 UTC 2006

Chris Ribe wrote:
> On 3/31/06, Timothy Waters <timothy.waters at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How about smallish, easier to get working, but don't worry about the cost. I
>> was thinking about maybe a shuttle case or something along those lines. I'll
>> be buying this probably one or two pieces at a time so cost isn't my
>> concern. I want it HDTV ready as well. Thoughts?
> Along the lines of what has already been suggested, I would start by
> running a 1.5" conduit or smurf tube from the best location for a
> computer to your TV.  If conduit isn't possible (which, of course, it
> isn't.  Nobody runs conduit through finished walls), run 3 pieces of
> RG6 coax and 2 pieces of CAT5.  In addition to being relatively future
> proof, this will allow to setup and screw around with your frontend
> from the comfort of your favorite office chair and desk.
> Of course, you might just get hooked on watching TV at your desk like
> I have.   As it turns out, sitting 30" from your average 19" CRT
> monitor provides a higher quality HDTV viewing experience than sitting
> 8ft. away from any sub-$10k plasma. If you have a monitor that will do
> 1080p, you are even further ahead of the game.  (I have to suffer
> along at 1600x900 playback).
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I would suggest that your best bet might be 2 machines.  A server that
gets hidden out of the way with your tuners cards and the big CPU and
lots of hard drives, then a small front-end box that has the nice video
card for playback and a network card.  You wouldn't even need a hard
drive in this machine if you didn't want one.

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